It's nights like these you need a cuddle

I wrote this about an hour ago, then a friend posted this exact comment on facebook, so i named it that, slightly changed the line, but i was feeling a bit depressed so had to get my annoyedness out....
anyways, robyn i love you, youre amazing :D:D

Time is dragging, this cold dark winter’s night,

Not a sing of warmth, nor a hint of light.

Time is dragging this awful winter’s night

And sadly there is not end in sight.


Smiles are few and far between this cold, winter’s night,

They hide and won’t come out, not without a fight.

Now I’m shaking, it’s so damn cold,

I’m sick of complaining, beginning to feel old.


Then you are here this cold winters night,

On a night you need cuddles, this cold winter’s night.

A smile and a huggle, and I soon feel all right,

Soon it will end, this cold winter’s night.


This cold winter’s night is deathly it’s true, 

 But it’s nothing
compared to how much I miss you.

And no matter what remember baby

That loving you is endless, I’ll love you forever and a day.

The End

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