Slow Implosion

We have to face it

Some may not make it

The clouds are drawing in

It's no fault of ours

It's only the hours

That pass that are to blame


I've seen a trend

To bring upon an end

Take out some of the pieces

It works so well

And hurts like hell

For my families


Once they're gone

The set-up feels wrong

With gaps in all of our vision

They're gone and suddenly

We can't see

So we just fall apart


No matter the harm

Or loss of our friendly charm

Know that I love you all the same as before

I always will

you know, but still

Some may not make it


Some just need to get away

I wish that we could truly stay

Together the same as before

But, the same as night

I believe my fight

To be drawing to an end


If I've hurt or maimed

Or should be shamed

For wrong that I've done to you

Come to me soon

I'm sorry for what I've done

But now I have to go


I'll always love each of you, no matter what.

The End

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