This poem is dedicated to everyone. If you think you're not included, you're wrong.

I looked back, saw the words

That I hoped were heard,

Tears and fears, haunted years

Now they seem absurd


Now I think, try again

I truly see

All this pain, never again

Will they come back to me


Every day, now my life

Teaches what's now me

Inside, out, a soul without

A guiding hand to lead me


Many hands lead me now

Holding out beside me

Wind and snow, nowhere to go

Never let go of me


I will guide and keep alive

Those who lag behind

Pain will pass, hurt won't last

Hey, look at me, I am fine


Insides scrambled, changing of mind

Trying to lead as I follow behind

We keep the road

Where ever we go

Together is what we designed.


The End

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