Time's a healer

Seen in action so many times

Found amongst these heartfelt rhymes

As time, it can heal

And make me feel,

Time is a change I will find.


Change from the past that I once knew

Secrets and hearts that I thought were true

Truth to proceed

Strength to believe

Is what I've learned from you


Keeping it cool, keep yourself calm

It's helping to keep your heart from harm

Life is so hard

But hearts aren't the shards

Of some broken glass, made to disarm


What do you say? Sad as you are

How can you help if you are so far

From thinking it through

From making the truth

You must work out who you are


Life is so hard, her's though is worse

Behind each word, an unspoken verse

If life stays the same

We'll be to blame

For everything going in reverse


Take it a step, one step at a time

It's harder to sing, harder to rhyme

Belief is the start

Of soothing your heart

For the world's greatest healer is Time.

The End

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