-Rawwwwwwww I just want to SHOUT.

This old emotion

Feels so new

Each word unspoken

Seeming so true


We must keep this secret

But the harder I try

I coop myself up

I just need to cry


No! I'm not sad as such

I don't break as much

But I just need to speak

To say what's gone on


"It'd be nice" he says

I don't mean him wrong

But cooped up inside

Or writing a song?


I need a friend now

To tell all about

Nuestro amor

To open, to shout


I would do mi amiga

But I'd feel so bad

Breaking a promise

An agreement we had


I would do mi flor

But I'd lose the trust

I've tried so hard to gain

From months of secrets held


I said I'd keep it quiet

I said I wouldn't tell

But I need to tell you and

Be sure you're quiet aswell


I trust you! I do!

I don't know what to do

Tell you, lose his trust for good

Keep secrets, like I always should


Bah, I can't write in poetry any more.

I would feel wrong if I said it all but it feels so wrong to keep secrets. You probably guess what's going on but you don't know it all. If I don't tell you, I'd probably explode. I've ALWAYS kept countless other secrets but I've never kept my own. I want to say what's been happening, I want to share with you. But would it be wrong? He would prefer it if we were quiet about US but you told me about el pastel and I want to talk about mi amor. Am I being selfish?

The End

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