Waking up

George Kay on the radio

Mix 96 again

Feeling so sad

My only friend


Best friends are far

Can't hold them close

Can't comfort them or him

The one who needs me most


Waking up I think of him

Try to sleep through the din

Twisting in the sheets

I'm suffocating in


Each song reminds me

He needs me more than ever

But age says, "No, you can't

It's not right, not ever."


What happened to honesty

I understand we can't been seen

That we pain each other

Remembering what we'd been


NO! He can't be sad

I'm trying my best

How can I help him?

Give him some small rest


I'm the type of girl

Who hates to see anyone sad

Who wants happiness to rein

To wash away the bad


Waking up, thinking of his eyes

Deeper blue than ever before

A hand covers them up

As he gazes no more


I don't care about age

Our souls love, not our bodies

The world against us

Yet he feels he must submit


I pledged to make people happy

But now I've hurt his heart

Embarrassment, grief, no regret

Written across his beautiful face


What can I do???? I caused this

I can't rest til he does

Til he finds happiness again

Until his heart is fixed

The End

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