Isn't it ironic 2

-Well, this is a perfect contrast to my last one... 

Sometimes the same

Sometimes not

Closed eyes

We don't stop


It's too late

To pull apart

The sound of the door

Halts my heart


Can't see the intruder

He scares me somehow

Tells me to go

I don't know how


Breaking down

The floor meets my knees

Shivering with cold

And fear, begging "please!"


An hour, a day

The talking stops now

Can't bare to look

I've lost them somehow


Working was where

I found him there

Grief, pain and sorrow

Ends us here


Surprise fills me now

My sorrow has gone

His eyes fill my heart up

Can't bare this one


Eyes tell the story

Body, the lie

He will remember

And, hell, so will I

♥ ♥ ♥

The End

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