Mission Pringle

-Something crazy to light up this poetry book.

Step out the shower

Feeling tired

Dad's in a study chair

Tinkering with wires


Tiptoe out the door

He doesn't notice me

Start to climb the stairs

I'm hungry ^_^


There's toffee popcorn

From Friday in town

It'll be loud if I try

To get the packet down


Six chocolate brioches

They'd tell if one went

The bread in the bread bin

Nearly all spent


My mum went to Preston

Dog show for the weekend

I never asked

How she did in the end


But she brought some food

And some just to nibble

But she never finished

That tube of Pringles!


Mission impossible

Edge round hanging bags

The pot's over half full

Of crisps she didn't have


Reach for the tube

Leg muscles stretching

My arm's too short

My finger's just reaching


Grabbing the pot

Smelling the salt

"It was sitting there!

It wasn't my fault."


Nab about 10

Then put back the rest

Salt and vinegar Pringles

Definitely the best XD

The End

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