It's my Life

I am affected largely by emotions. It may be teenaged stuff or it may be just me. I've always been affected most by the meaning in a conversation and this is the place I'm placing my thoughts.

The same routine

Starts the day

It always ends in a

Different way

The love of some

The hate of more

It hurts my heart

It makes me sore

No one knows

Or even cares

If hurt is inside

Or hurting any where

If I was injured

A wound or fall

They would descend  

They'd help me, all.

But they don't know

Or understand

The deepness of emotion

Cuts open my hands

If I stand by

And watch you die

I would not live

With out a cry

Emotions are blessing

And curses too

They make you sing

Or cry when you're blue

This is where I open up

Show what there is inside

I read the hearts of people I love

I cried.

The End

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