It's MY Hair

I think this would be considered a short poem or a free verse...(?) I dedicate it to an ex :) I am posting this mainly to see how this site works and what it looks like on-line.

like my hair short. 
It's clean, chic and professional.

who thinks I look like a "dike" 
needs an eye examination.

who thinks I act like a man 
doesn't know me very well.

Any woman 
who thinks she needs long hair to have sex appeal 
is insecure.

Any man 
who thinks a woman needs long hair to be sexy 
is even more insecure.

who judges another 
is a fool.

who judges another based on appearance 
is even a bigger fool.

who is ashamed to be with me 
because of what others might think of HIM 
is the biggest, insecure  fool of them all.

The End

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