It's my Birthday

Yay me. Grab a slice, won't you?

Lo and behold, the day is here,

My life shortened by another year,

Lessons learned, mistakes made,

And yet I still feel a part of me living in the shade-

What is this feeling, this bittersweet sobriety,

The realization of now-expected propriety?

Why do I feel such longing and fear,

To see what happens when the future nears?

Despite how I've grown, how I've changed,

All of my insecurities still remain-

What if I am never satisfied with my life,

What if all I will face is endless strife?

What if my fragile sociability will be rejected as it was before,

Leaving me an outcast loitering by the door?

What if I never find myself a home,

Hope and wait only to wither alone?

What if all of my fears of my own banality,

Lead to the loss of my weakened sanity?

Yes, I have lost another of my barren years,

One that passed like thistles in my tears,

The number is strange on my tongue, the odd fifteen,

My quest for meaning still yet to be seen. 

But I should know, above all things,

That serendipity seems to fly on silver wings.

Despite the ugliness of our world, the bloodied mess,

I wouldn't choose to have lived any less. 

The End

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