It's magic, you know, never believe it's not so.

I have oficial proof in the form of poetry.


I believe in Magic.

Water's turned into wine

And one basket feeds five thousand,

This happens every day,

Yet ours are much more mundane.


Finding the daughter she lost

In the safe hands of a bearded man

Through push and shove of city visiting.


The boy whose future had been planned

Then saved by a teacher

With a finer craft.


The brave one who claps in silence

To make last place feel first-rate

In what the quiet ones couldn't have finished.


The volunteer who looks like

Your deceased Grandmother

So let's your Granddad hold her hand for an hour.


The overflowing joy

Of waters wombing

Then witnessing her feel twin.


The boy who refuses

To chant for Liberty and Justice

Fighting for what is right.


A country which is steeped in tradition

In the scream of cracking whip

Choosing blindly for their leader.


But simple magic,

Is proven every day.

In the ambitious plight of a bumble bee.

Whose weight is too large

For tiny span of wing.

Yet sticks two wings up to the world

Whilst waving through the air

Landing on desired bull's-eye,



The End

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