it's like a simile

it's like the last sticky bits of chocolate

at the bottom of the hot cocoa cup.

It's a roller coaster ride

on the back of a butterfly.

It's like discovering I failed everything in life

and won the lottery twice,

it's like winter winds are but a warm summer breeze.

It's like the way my knees go weak

and I can't see through the blurry vocal point

focused on you.

It's like I can't speak,

when you nod a greeting my way,

even though nothing is required for me to say.

It's like I like you,

which is crazy because I don't,

my mind knows, but my heart won't

stop fluttering like the lashes of your eyes.

And if any other girl looks your way,

it's like her face is my quest to slay.

Even though, I'm not the violent type.

It's like a really big sigh,

only to be pumped up with helium

and soar like a balloon.

It's like I might actually

have a thing for you.

The End

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