It's Life and Life and Only

It's life and life only,

One great musician quotes,

Dazzle you with rhythm and rhyme,

Enough to make you choke,


These are the days,

We push along

Trying to find our way,

Time ticking,

heart sinking,

But we push along either way,


Some sink,

Some let sail,

All of us wishing we will not fail,

Hopefully we will all prevail,


But it never happens this way,

drunks, addicts, homeless,



I quote,

It's lIfe and life and only,

That's the story,

That's how it goes,


We just wish, we hope, 

We fight and we vote,

we travel and dance,

We drink and we prance,

we let go and we let slip,

We do anything,

we think will fit,


It's life and life only,

To the people who will never quit





The End

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