It's been a long time comingMature

A poem I wrote about my mothers attempts to raise me as a Christian.

It's been a long time coming but I'll say what's on my mind,
When I apply logic to your beliefs it's funny what I find.
I don't think the same way as you, never have, never will;
So it's time for you to step back, take your pride, swallow that pill.
And don't you cry, surely you saw this coming,
Illusions only last so long before the colours start running.
The big man in the sky holds no interest for me,
I'll stick to facts and knowledge not what might or might not be.
I'm sick of you serving up your righteous bullshit,
Telling me to martyr myself to a cause not worth it;
Trying to pump me full of your pious creed.
Not even you could up-root my rebellious seed,
The one that made me question everything you've said,
So carry on, pray for my soul before bed;
But oh mother dear I think it's a bit late,
These horns aren't used to keep the halo straight.

The End

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