It's always down to meMature

I wrote this after me and my boyfriend had an arguement, i felt like i was the onl one putting in effot feeling like it was alwas down to me.

I really don't mind,
But sometimes it gets to me,
Don't you understand,
Don't you see,
It's always down to me.

I've done it all before,
I know what I'm doing,
But if things don't change,
I'll soon be going,
Because it's always down to me.

I'll give up fairl soon,
I can't take it anymore,
Tell me whats changed,
From how we were before,
It's always down to me.

Once more I'll come,
I guess I'll never learn,
Just what to do,
When it comes to you,
Cause its always down to me.

The End

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