Its all the same (to me)

I am against bulling, i found out recently my friend was being bullied and I was so mad i nearly got myself excluded....but ive calmed down and (hopefully) helped her through it.
This is for her.

The wind was whistling,humming
as I looked for that screaming sorrow
behind the rains constant drum, drumming
I find a girl with no tomorrow

The girl with no name runs across the streat,
as my orange light plays games
suprisingly light and quick on her feet.
the girl runs past those with names

The dark clouds clutter the skies, my skies
"Why?!" she screams into the rain
Darkness reflects in her eyes.
her voice ecoing her pain.

She looks into the water at me,
in her face, she sees no perfection
she knows that i can see.
"I hate you!" she shouts at her reflection

I laugh in my merky depths of green
the place I too did fall
I laugh at this stupid teen
for shes not ugly at all.

I remeber what my face used to be
the way that my back slumped
I remember seeing what she must see
but the difference is I jumped.

I hated the way I looked for years
and they knew I wanted to hide
They picked up on my worst fears
and they drove me to suicide

"Turn and go home now, use some wit
You dont really want to die yet
You know it isnt really worth it
one day,you will forget".

And she leaves, and as she goes
and im left to play my game
I take away her pain, her woes
and I know its all the same.

The End

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