It's All In Your Head

A little poem about depression, I know not all that original of a topic, but it was nice as a vent piece (if a bit of a negative first submission to Protag). Enjoy, cause it broke my writers block!

She is a realm below me
Baking all flavors of misery
I can always taste her
Because she's the death in your mouth
When you've slept through days

She is the ghostly arms
Of tears and dehydration
That rock me to sleep each night
Are you still alone
When she's there?

She is all in your head
They say, matter-of-factly
Thank you I am cured
I say, sarcastically
When she isn't listening

She bears a name
That puts shame to all storms
Hurricanes with feminine titles
When her rain falls it's in your eyes

You are blinded
Yet she is in your head
Her hands pulling your strings
She is your necromancer
When you're the walking dead.

The End

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