It's all I need

Darkness falls, as it turns to night,
However, for me, it’s different.
As i sit in bliss,
Under lamplight’s kiss,
In the darkness. Out of sight.

The world likes to rush us.
As it cries for its daytime demands,
Those of us that can’t keep up,
Receive slack and reprimands.

Darkness takes it all away.
It takes it all out of sight,
It slows things down,
like noise of the town,
The magic of the loss of light.

So under the black blanket,
Watching as stars glisten.
She gives me thinking time.
Sitting in peace, as i listen.

For it all goes on outside.
Except...without me,
Sitting, observing, as the world goes round.
The way it should be.

I love sitting here,
Listening to every breath i breathe.
Every drum of my heartbeat,
Every distant car alarm,
And every background noise from the street.
Watching the shadows on the pavement,
Watching the lights of cars on the motorway.
As the cars rush, and speed.
Not me. As i sit here, in peace
It’s honestly all i need.


The End

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