It's A Selfish Love

This is me trying to stop crying and to just grow up already. I wish i was an only child. Because it hurts so much, too much. Ah, unrequited love. How you destroy me.

I glance,

Barely a half-second,

But you always seem to know.

And I try so hard, so hard,

To make you love me,

To make you see me.

But you're always too busy,

Always to busy for your youngest sister,

Just trying to find some attention,

Bask in attention from her eldest sibling.

Why won't you love me,

Past this invisible like?

Because I gave everything to try,

To try and make you love me.

And don't you know how much

It hurts when you'd give everything

For somebody, and you already have.

And you have nothing left to offer,

You have nothing left to give,

Everything placed in your hands for

The longest time, and it's pathetic

How I follow you, do anything for you,

And yet you ignore me like I'm embarrassing,

At least I have the composure to hide my sobs,

Strangle the screams desperately trying to escape my throat,

Claw their way past my heart, my empty heart,

And I have saved you,

The way I saved myself,

But I'm not sure I can do this any longer,

You're supposed to protect me!

I want to scream, get up and save yourself

For once.

Because I'm slipping,

And you were always supposed to love me,

Not intended to hurt me,

But you make my chest ache,

And you hurt me so much,

And I can no longer try,

(as i've tried all these years)

So this, this is goodbye 

From the one who always

Hurt me the most.

I'm done.

Done trying for this helpless,

Impossible love.

I've given up, 

Stopped trying,

I'm done,

Once and for all.

'Cause it's a selfish love,

That's all.

The End

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