It's a funny sort of feelin'

I don't even know what I mean any more.

I'll be something to believe in,
I'll be a truth you can be sure off,
I'll be a sort of new religion, 
I'll be a comfort you can touch,
I'll be everything and nothing,
I'll be the moon, the sun and every single star,
I'll be the tree, the bark, the branches 
I'll be an unblinding sun,
I'll be that whisper in the wind,
I'll be that early morning feeling,
I'll be the warmth when you are cold,
I'll be a lullabye when you are tired,
I'll be your first love and your last,
I'll be the words to make it better,
I'll be arms to hold you tight,
I'll be that scary first kiss feeling,
I'll be the butterflies in your stomach,
I'll be all your thoughts and feelings,
I'll be everything you want me to be,
I'll be here,
I'll be strong,
I'll be waiting.

The End

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