It's a Fact

I don’t care where you’re from

I don’t care what you do

You’re not better than me

I’m no better than you


You have to step out of yourself to see what’s inside

And if you ever get thirsty, swallow your pride


It was all black and white, in till we created tye-dye

Stop standing in front of me and get on my side


A straight up opinion is a raw cut fact

And a number one clown is a first class act

And the soul mates are the ones with the same angel tats on their back


Dogs are just tail wagging cats

That’s a fact


Protect your front, I got your back


White is just a light black

A punch is a hard smack

You’re the fish, so here’s the catch


All wrestlers get their match

It’s a fact


It’s like a game board

You take three steps forward and two steps back


It’s difficult on road, but they same pattern on track

So watch your front, I got your back


How bout that?

Yeah, it’s a fact



The End

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