It's A Beautiful Night

One of my favourites. The name basically says it all.

Deepest Blue, never ending, like the darkest depths of the ocean.

So still and silent, yet holding the secrets to our greatest dreams.


A million lights, each with its own massive world.

Something so small brings wonder and amazement into a Childs eyes.


The moon, crescent and bright, half hidden by shadow,

smiles at the world with dazzling white teeth.


All around, so quiet, nothing stirs.

Darkness hides everything in a blanket of black,

leaving only frightening silhouettes.


Breath evaporates in the cool night air.

The chill nips your skin, like the flowers of a Bottle-brush tree,

stroking your arms.


Wisps of cloud, grey against the blue of the sky,

glide overhead like great battleships,

breaking the light of the moon.


In the distance, a ray of moonlight illuminates a lone Oak,

bare from Autumns bitter cold.

Its leafless boughs rustle in the chilly breeze.


The wonder and mystery of the night takes you into its own world

of strange shadows, piercing moonlight and endless universes.


Then you are brought back into the hustle and bustle of reality,

by the sound of a passing car, and the headlights appearing and fading

like the dreams of the world at night.

The End

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