It wasn't just a hug

I printed letters that says I'm sorry
But when you browsed it, you were happy
I don't know if its right or wrong,
Then suddenly my heart played a gloomy song

After class I didn't feel good
I imagine to ask you in my head saying, "would you hug me if you could?"
Afterwards I felt something warm and happy
As I look behind, it turns out it was just you hugging me

As I stood up, you hugged me once more
My heart swung open like an unlock door
After that long hug you gave me I felt happy,
Like a never-ending joy...lets just cut straight, eternity

Before I could get out the classroom you hugged me again,
I told myself, "continue, but please, don't reach the end"
You told me to hug you back but I just ignored you
But you still hugged me, like you would always do 

The End

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