It Was Me

Yes! I knew it all along,

There is no music in your song.

I heard your voice that can't compare,

It filled my ears when time we shared.

I lived to hear your song, you see,

I thought I was in love with thee.

I suffered when we were apart,

When your music could not fill my heart.


I was a fool to think that you

Could possibly love me too.

I should not have listened,

But oh, your eyes, they glistened!

Singing voices filled my head;

Down the wrong path I was led.

The path I took, it led to you,

I was not sure just what to do.

Then you started singing,

Oh, my ears were ringing

With the beauty of your song.

It did feel so wrong.

With that feeling, I began to run,

You beckoned me, and my head spun.

When I arrived to see you,

Who I saw was not you.

I was glued to the spot,

Love you, I should not.

Although I loved you anyway,

I also hate you any day.


You led me right into your trap.

I did not know, 'til I was snatched,

That all I had to do was go.

But, no, I listened and didn't go.

I stayed with you and put out my life,

Now I'm gone, killed from a knife.


I did not see you taht fateful night,

But in my gut, I know I'm right.

It was you who stabbed me dead,

You were the one to make me see red.

I do not hate all of the faeries;

Only you, one of the faeries.


There is no magic in your song,

It was me, who heard it wrong.

I wanted to love you, and so I did.

You did nothing, for you don't exist.

It was all me, I needed an excuse

To be rid of this world, to kick off my shoes.

Convincing myself was the hardest part,

So I created a world where it wasn't my fault.


Now I am gone, at my own fault.

At my funeral, mom is throwing salt.

She knows that my heart was layered with ice,

She's trying to melt it, but it was my sacrifice.

I wanted all I got, so don't be sad.

Now I am gone, now I am glad.

Nothing can hurt me, I am rid of pain.

Nothing can hurt me, except my own shame.

Why am I ashamed, when I wanted it all?

My family was thrust into an everlasting fall.

They miss me, of course that I know.

But of course they don't know.

I've wanted this for so long,

I've longed to hear that song.

The End

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