It up it down it lostMature

so after my last "relationship" and sharing myself sexually, i had a need to just not share myself anymore, to make it something special again, to break that cycle of giving a piece of me away, to have something left to give when its true and full of essence and not powered by lust.
I relapsed because of that temporary satisfying moment, the orgasm drawing in for another bite, to find myself empty and crying ... this is not how something as beautiful should be felt or viewed....

I have to feel it

Write it

Push through it

Not get stopped by it


How easily

Do we share ones everything ?


Under the covers

On the table undiscovered

Quick as liquid melting

Hot and sleazily


I have to brake it

Dismantle it

Burn all of it

Not get consumed by it


Just a little more

Juice running down my core

Haven’t you had enough

Of this temporary satisfying

Marshmallow fluff ?


I need to give it


I need to let it


I need to take it



Only emptiness left behind

A teary bitter residue

All the filthy shades of revenue

Just poring out

Twined blind unwind


Here I want you to destroy it

No history left of it

No tales told of it

Please don’t sing another song with it


Do you even feel me here?

Inside of me the rising fear


Do you ever notice my tear ?

Swimming in my eyes so clear


Do you know what it takes

To give

Even when there is nothing




Going down a hill realizing

My bike has no brakes


I will concur it

Step out from behind it

Close the tap on it


Smile and wave it goodbye





The End

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