It Rains For a Reason

Some days it rains for a reason,
A reason you won't understand.
Most think the rain brings depression,
Well I think it's something quite grand.

Oh when it rains!
All the joy that I gain,
Makes the brighter days strain,
And the sun shine in vain!

Cause all the bright and happy beams,
Make me just want to yell and scream,
Cause the world is never that delightful...

The sun now is failing to glint off my eye,
And it just makes me oh so relieved,
Because the sun has begun to whither and die,
A perfect sunset my eye does perceive.

Oh that a cloud,
May float on around,
And bring rain somehow
I pray for aloud.

Some days it rains for a reason,
And to you it might not be so pleasing,
But the sky is feeling for me...

The End

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