It never endsMature

Poem I wrote back in 2012 and now re edited it into something better.

Days roll around.

Every time the same.

Draging it along. 

Forcing it towards you.

You don't want to.

They make you.

You fight with everything you have. 

But there's not much left. 

Is there now?

Open your eyes.

Look into it. 

Force yourself to comfront it. 

You have to. 

Make them happy.

Sing their dance.

Dance their songs. 

People call it insoults. 

You know. 

They're not even words at this point. 

At this sharp point. 

Where you know. 

You know and it hurts. 

They just remind you. 

Of what your mind screams at you.

All trough the night. 

Insomnia keeps you a hostage. 

Depression ties you down. 

Anxiety takes out the blade. 

But your own brain drives the knife. 


So much blood. 

They'll see. 

They always do. 

No way in hiding it.

Is your joke still funny?!

It's like the same old story is on repeat.

Broken record. 

Runing around in circles. 

Void swallowing you whole.

Still somehow every day is different.

They call her 'cirkus freak.

But she ain't got no smile on her face.

Clothes she wears are far from colourfull.

All that's left for her is.


Everything in you screams.

"Save me please".

And no one can hear you.

They say ''you're fat".

So stop eating.

Somebody whispers too loud

''you're ugly".

So cover your face.

You hear them screaming at you.

''you're not worth living".

So stop breathing.

They are never satisfied.

Hungry animals.

feeding on your pain.


The End

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