It May

Descriptive analysis of someone special to me..
And what I would appreciate to happen.

It may have been
the way you said my name
Or a tone you used
when describing your favorite color.

It may have been
those eyes of blue so deep
Or the looks those eyes
gazed upon me with relentless vigor

With arms wide open
and a heart willing to take full responsibility
All I ask is for one more chance
to fully grasp your heart.

With many doors open
and numerous options to pick and carefully choose
With open arms and a heart so willing
and Hope you choose smart.

It may have been
that strawberry blonde hair
Or smile so sincere
that made me feel like I didn't have a care

It may just be
that you had captured me
And should you answer my plea,
again, "I" would become "we."

The End

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