It is Over; SonnyMature


Shattered glass on the floor
cannot cover the mistakes
that he left on the carpet,
but if we stay far enough apart,
he'll never see beyond the door
that divides his eyes
from the impending rage
that shocks me to the core.

Bruises in my ears ache from hate
that he sent at speeds that he knew
I couldn't handle alone.
But he kept them coming
with his flag red and prostrate
with echoes of my lonesome eyes
dripping with the waters
that flow and ebbe between
a rock and a hard place.

The terrible pain behind my eyes
resonates loudly in my brain
with those things that leaves
the best of me high and dry
above the swooning sands
of his heart that beats seldomly
with those reptiles that terrorize
my passion laid broken
on mistakes set together, side by side.

The End

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