It Hurts


It hurts

Every second of loneliness


Every time someone leaves you

Every time you’re ditched

Every time you have been left alone

With nothing

Only your feelings of loneliness to comfort you

It hurts

You feel like someone

Has taken all your




And started to twist

And wind

Them into a thick

Long rope

And then they draw you in

You feel loved


And happy

Then it gets tied around your heart

As they ride away

Dragging you along behind

‘Til your heart

Is torn out of your chest

And falls, falls, falls

And shatters on the hard

Uncompassionate ground

Of their rejection

So now you feel lonely

Left by the side of a busy road

Where many people pass by

With a look of pity on their faces

As they walk by

Unknowingly stepping on


The broken remains of your heart

Your only choice

Is to pick yourself up

And to go along this road

Finding the little pieces of

Your heart

And to start

Piecing it back together

Piece by piece by piece

So that the pain

The hurt

The loneliness




Be driven far


The End

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