It has been

This is my original poem about seeing a past love after a while and seeing how much they've changed.

It has been 286 smiles since I've last seen you. 36 times that I've cried, 43 frowns, 13 headaches, 80 laughs, 92 handshakes, 101 hugs and 1 heartbreak. The scars I thoughts I remembered that you had have fainted into quiet whispers, new bruises appear for the first hello, but they speak a different language than used to be spoken. Your hair is much longer now, almost touching your birthmark on your shoulder that looks like a misshapen heart, which is much like the one you carved for me to have.  The wrinkles around your eyes have dug themselves deeper, from all the smiles someone else is causing you to have. Even your clothes are different. Almost like you painted over the color my love splattered all over you. It has been 286 smiles since ive last seen you 101 hugs , and 1 heartbreak. You cant see how much you've changed, rearranged pieces of the puzzle you made me fall in love with. I wonder if I put the puzzle back together , would the picture still look the same.

The End

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