it all feels wrong when buried

i write vignettes, 
brief and bittersweet and almost ripe in their flavour 
they are alive with emotion and humanity

shuffled into the deck of cards called a story

but the story isn't what i want to write. 
it will lie there, tasteless and stagnant
because don't you see

i don't want to write people's life stories
i just want to write the moments that define them 

i just want to write pieces of characters
not their whole human being

i was not designed to be a storyteller of endless epics
novels stretching like airplane strip lights 
books heavy and thick in palms 

i write brief truths. 

i am a poet at heart and a writer who documents moments, scenes, vignettes
and i cannot betray that programming 
no matter how hard i try. 

i'm just a little bit okay with it.)

The End

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