It All Came Down For You

All at once the world came down, when you hung your head and cried,
I could only sit and watch you weep, and hold your hand and hide.
You’d finally seen you’re vulnerable; alone, blind and wretched,
You’d finally understood, that all the glass you see is etchèd.

You heard those stories that were told, that make us who we are,
They provide an opportunity, a chance to raise the bar.
And they give us all those choices, choices by the dozen,
But it doesn’t get much easier, when decisions remain frozen.

And you saw it all didn’t you?  In that moment where you felt,
You tasted the verity, and your soul began to melt.
You crave it and you need it, but what good does that all do?
It’s impossible at times to distinguish “real” and “true”.

You saw the world collapsing, you hate and love it all.
You felt so alone; that it was impossible to call
The names of those you’ve loved, for it is clear that they have fallen.
They couldn’t hear you screaming, as you took your place above them.

And yes, it’s hard to comprehend, that you are so alone,
That all you did once cherish is so far away from home.
As you were forced to understand that ignorance is grand;
The wheels just kept on turning, for all men in the land.

The noise they make is irksome, and the children start to cry.
As the others seek to end it, for they are so afraid to try
To see what you have seen, to hear what you have heard.
So always do the best you can, to tell a little bird.

Pass the message on, that we’re not all just fine,
And that the land of tomorrow deserves more than just a shrine,
And that love is non-existent, and houses are not homes,
And people are not real, down to their bare bones.

Life is not a treasure, not a gift nor a treat,
It’s not some kind of journey, nor some grand heroic feat.
It’s a challenge and a test, and an opportunity,
To discover and to learn, so enjoy it fruitfully.

One thing belongs to you, it is impossible to share,
No one may possess it, even if they really care.
That’s what makes you hang your head, and let the tears flow gently,
That’s what makes you see the world, and learn all things completely.

One day, my friend, you’ll hear my words, and make the choice to see
That the “you” to which I speak, is none other than plain me.
And yes, I am alone, as I sit and tell my tale,
But I know that in the end, my message will prevail.

I promise I will help you, and that you will see it through
As long as you’re reminded, that it all came down for you.
At last remember Shakespeare’s words, he knew a thing or two,
“This above all, – to thine own self be true.”

The End

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