The room is dark, so dark…

A pitch black void before my unseeing eyes

I do not blink

Not even once

My eyes are burning, I can feel it

Dead, dry, white and useless


There is warmth…

Sippering, flooding from within myself

I touch it

It is so thin

My spine is turning weaker and thinner,

Soon it will crack and break


I taste this liquid…

Yet it has no taste, it is merely ashes

Bitter, cold, faded

Not the least sweet

Instead I raise my trembling finger

For a wall just beside me


It is there…

I know this damned, rottening hole

It's my home

My only home

I sweep across the rough surface

With my gory hand


I laugh….






…I shall die here…

Die away, far away, far from you

From the world!

From it all…

I hate you, precious life, you ugly…

Sweet, deceiving life.



The End

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