Isabella Aversa - The End of The Cycle

My first draft of Today is the Dawn of A New Age Part I was about a girl I called "Isabella Aversa" Eventually, I molded two other poems into it, and directed it at a new muse I found. This is the end of that "Isabella" Cycle.
Today Is The Dawn of A New Age shall continue :3

I thought I loved you for your heart Isabella

But your mind is too focused on your work

Can’t you see your age is a time to explore?


Sitting next to your mother you look so sad

But choose to do nothing while she mocks you

In a million ways I wish I could help you

My heart passed yours when you told me to shut up


Doesn’t seem like you know who you are

Lost in labels and passed hopes

Nothing about you is beautiful anymore, sadly

This poet has lost too many muses to care

But you woke me


Asleep for many years, tormented by others

You shone like a beacon for once in my life

And so with these words I end the cycle

Found another that needs my input

“Mou sas agapo,” was my thought

But I can no longer say that with passion.


I do not hate you, though your heart is dead

Impaled on “Do you like me” far too long

Please don’t ask for more

I can no longer watch you suffer on what you cause


Angry and half in love with you, and tremendously sorry that I couldn’t turn away

Forgive me

My adoration for the human race causes others to despise me

I have 2 loves

God and the human race He created

In every imperfection perfect to thy heart


And to the second of my new muses, K.M

I know you’re reading

Keep that impassioned heart

That curious nature

We share the love of the world


No longer shall I show any interest in hearts closed to truth

Free my mind

Embrace my past

Or leave me behind


And as always

I await your Raven, Christabel

Send your sorrowsongs

So I can create you a symphony


When your depressed at the world and what it has to offer

Rest calm and remember me.

And so the cycle ends

Lost in a maelstrom of love

Hopefully requited


Mou sas agapo Christabel

The End

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