Is you

This was one of the first ever poems that I wrote

Have you ever dreamed,
Such a beautiful dream,
And with this dream,
Is you,
A hole,
Inside my soul,
A dream not worth dreaming.

Have you ever heard,
Such a wonderful sound,
And with this sound,
Is you,
A river a stream,
A magnificent team,
A sound worth hearing for you.

Have you ever seen,
Such a calming scene,
And with this scene,
Is you,
I stop and stare,
Begin to care,
I think I've fallen for you.

Have you ever tasted,
A better taste,
And with this taste,
Is you,
I cant help but taste,
Don't hesitate,
I know my feelings are true.

Have you ever touched,
A softer touch,
And with this touch,
Is you,
Your hand in mine,
The bells chime,
I'm happy to be with you.
Have you had a memory,

Such a happy memory,
And with this memory,
Is you,
Our wedding bells chime,
Your hand still in mine,
It's the reason I said I do.

The End

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