Is This Life?

Perennial- the cold river of tears
Every heartbeat muffled with fear
Why struggle? Why this competition?
Life should be one big celebration!

Whatever happened to the people who care?
Who knew how to live,love and share?
Do wake up,before you miss the train
Or did your enthusiasm already wane?

In every corner,despairing spirits loom
Since when did you decide to live in such gloom?
It's your life,don't keep regrets for later
Why wait for God to make things better?

The time is ripe,the course is set
You're at fault if your goals are not met
You rent a car,you have a house-
Is this all you've dreamed about?

The world is yours,this life is too
What you make of it depends on you
Which makes more sense-to run a rat race?
Or make the world a happier place?

The End

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