do you want this?...Mature

Do you really want this?...


Do you really want this?
What's that? You want to self-harm?
Do you really want to live with those scars on your arm?
You think you'll never do it again.
But you will,it'll never end.
Think you can control that desire?
Wrong.Cuts spread like a wildfire.
You think you can do it in just one place.
But what do you think happens when you run out of space?
I hope your okay with lying to those who care.
You'll become isolated,Beware.
You'll spend money on bandages,Not roses.
Do you see what self-harming causes?
Long sleeves on a really hot day.
Cutting wont help the pain go away.
You will need to buy new clothes to hide.
Because your scars will take years to subside.
Say goodbye to skin showing suits.
Say hello to jackets and boots.
Carry on like this,You'll hit depression.
Find new hobbies,Take out your aggression.
You really need to lose this obsession.
Please,For me,make some progression.
It surrounds your every thought.
It's not fun to be so distraught.
Hopefully now I've changed your mind.
There's other ways to relief,But not this kind.
So drop your razor.
Pick up your life.
Forget all the bad things.
The pain and the strife.


                    this poem is dedicated to my best friend forever Allianna who took her life on                      
                    the 25th march 2011

                      i wrote this poem on the 3rd of april 2011


The End

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