a letter to the old bridge troll

to be seen as a girl is a woeful things sometimes

(this is written mainly focusing on my time with my family at our cottage)

i don't know why you're so
hard on me all of the time,
maybe you think that if i can
pass your tests then the rest
of this unforgiving world
will not judge me so harshly?

you tell me i don't do enough
to help out my grandmother
but you tell my boy cousins to 
go help out outside, assist
in putting the dock in
yet you get frustrated with me
if i don't do the dishes or
help my grandmother clean
or help with the cooking

i know they're younger,
but barely by two years. 
they're old enough to do 
the things that you're asking 
me to do (and vice versa)
my main question is:
is that because i'm a girl?

my grandmother cooks a lot.
she's good at it, good at baking too.
everyone loves her food.
but i asked her the other day
if she liked cooking and
i got an answer that i never
would have thought about:

she told me about university
about how she put herself through it
with a helluva lot of part-time jobs
working straight through the summer
because she grew up on a farm
and they didn't have enough money
so while her brothers would
help out on the farm, she would
cook and clean with her mother,
learned how to do the laundry
at a young age, and she told me

that she has to cook.
its her role as a wife, 
to cook and clean and 
take care of the kids
but my grandmother,
she's a smart woman.

they both tend to 
balance one another out,
my grandparents. 
my grandfather is mean
and hard on me.
my grandmother is nice
and spoils me.

they used to both be in the middle.
and then on the opposite sides
than they are on now.
and then my grandfather got sick.
he almost died.
i don't know if that affected him.

but he came and gave me
a ten minute lecture
on how i didn't do enough
to help out - i don't know why

so here's a question, 
posed in poetry to 
the old bridge troll:
are you sexist?

The End

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