Is Love Just A Lie?

We hate each other with a two-sided lust,

A rare emotion that cuts like a heated blade,

Drawing blood and killing emotion,

Love is a lie, pain is the truth,

A truth that poisons and chokes.


Two hearts as hard as drugs,

Two souls as dead as this dying world,

We only need each other so that we have,

Something left to destroy.


We erode each other, acid rain on gravestones,

Kill each other to feed off of the hatred,

Fuel our desires to tear ourselves apart.


In this world you must kill or be killed,

No room for emotion, love is only a word.

Murder for fame, fame for murder,

Scar one another so we know,

That we're no longer capable of feeling sorrow.


Is love a lie?

Only lust is real,

Pain is all you can feel,

Then I kill myself 'coz I'm almost dead,

Would you care?

No, didn't think so.

The End

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