Is it wrong?

Just something that came to mind a minute ago.

Is it wrong to hope,

To hold on to what we had before,

To cling to the remnants that we know still exist, 

To continue like this though your feelings have changed.

Is it wrong to wonder,

If I can ever call you mine once more,

If you'll jump knowing you don't love me like you did,

If the feelings you have for her will cease to be.

Is it wrong to ask,

What comes next with us,

What you think when you look at me,

If what I want is simply a beloved memory.

Is it wrong for me to be here,

Day in, Day out just hoping you'll see,

Keeping you upright, keeping you sane, 

Hoping you'll learn to love me again.

N.Sexton 4/12/2014

The End

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