Is it Enough?

Not Enough


Feeling the pain is not enough,

to make the burning nerve run disease take flight.

The more I feel the pain is right

To fill my empty whole to brim

The less I too quench the thirst of bloods rush release

In pools of denim soaked madness


I am not enough

No never enough. Enough, enough.

Never enough to be or feel.

For those who know will never feel

The same

Those who don’t can ever feel

The pain of my wrath, unknown to me.

Anger in pain and Frustration with life enough

Yet never enough.

Life is full of misrepresented madness,

When mine unknown to be real.

Those who know,

Or don’t to me,

Say it perfectly natural to feel a loss of self when faced with finality

Say happy a medium to paint A smile on a frightened child

Or man filled with the nothingness of eternal black.

I smile a smile that doesn’t know I should feel the Glee of ear to ear manic medium paint.

I am enough to know, not enough to see


A red painted in pooled shapes which surround a life-less-body

Enough no enough,

It would be enough to fill the gap left by years of monsters swallowed

to black memories, the same memory pains created by their laps, enough.

I write yet not enough,

I swallow the razor laced bullets and fire based fuel. I eat the mini hallucinogenic pills,

Red drips from my nose,

That will Flame a rage to fuel the contempt against the confusion

I know yet not enough.

Walking, sleeping, not enough, falling into a nothingness

I run against myself away and find I have not yet left  I am here as my own shadow.

Enough I feel the red stained wrists of clocks strike down the chimes of my pumpkin hours.

Reaching to hours in minutes a manic moment,

Glee painted sidewalks I watch myself,

The sirens play an ice cream tune.

I am here a shadow past to another to fill life’s empty whole nothingness to life.


Enough is a word we use to explain the feeling of fulfillment

I will never find my enough, no never

Perpetual, constant, dying to enough

No Never Enough

The End

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