Is ignorance bliss?

A poem about the gaps in British society.

Train bound for Charing Cross

  squeals to a shaky halt

The doors open

rushing and pushing

Cramped full

no seats left

Reek of fast food

sweat and tension

Tired woman clutches

screaming baby

Dirty overalls in bag

up since 3am

Bank manager

conveniently misses

Priority sign

full of self importance

Clad in

Giorgio Armani suit

Meeting scheduled

for 3pm

Woman wears

hand- me downs

Colours faded

slightly torn

Manager clutches

aching head

Tired of screeching

hungry child

Woman tearing

wishing for money

Just to keep

her child full

In that moment

human nature shines

Always someone

lower than you

The bitter taste

of life burns tongues

Is ignorance

truly bliss?

The End

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