Irish IvoryMature

The title is so named simply by virtue of this guys skin, though as I understand it ivory doesn't come in mottled. Anywho I had feelings for this person for about a year, told him, he was straight, I got mopey, I moved on. A lot of this should be re written as the originals are terrible. Please criticise.

Is it a malady of the mind?
Or is it you that makes me sick?
I dreamt of you good sir a rose
but find only a prick

Maybe it was your history
Maybe how you were born
I came gladly a bumblebee
but find merely a thorn

Once in my heart you raged
looting, breaking, sacking
Thought you kind and truly sweet
But find you sadly lacking

To no shock when again we'd meet
I'd see delays result
To bare your presence a great feat
You greet me with insult

Let fantasies no more pretend
Let ease, of friends, my choice
We'll still talk, this is no end
But Christ there are finer boys

The End

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