Ire Laird

Slide your hand
along the clear expanse,

Find your chance,
Oust your fears tonight,

And if someone gets hurt,
If something dies inside,
Silent and drunk on loveless days,
Remember the sound of our youthful cries,
and youthful ways,

We'd set them free
just to watch them run,

Gave them knives,
Granted we were wrong,

And if there's no one there,
Then you've forgot yourself,
Vernal, blunt and led astray,
Remember when we stood aside,
Strength in spades,

When your roots
did give gravity heed,

They gave you
a title by which to stand,

Quit your quiet pining
and put your thoughts away,
There's no room for wanting,
We've a Scottish mile
To walk today.

The End

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