A poem about my life and its "array of invisibilities"

My life is an array of invisibilities, 

My love is invisible,
Reaching to both genders I am shunned and denied,
We are the unicorns, We are the sluts,

We are, the bisexuals.
Never straight, or gay, apparently that makes us Empty?
Never one or the other, we have no community.

My love is an outcry that falls on deaf ears.

My life is an array of invisibilities,

My disease is invisible,
Reaching for a cure I am patronized and disrespected,
We are the babies, We are overreacting,

We are, the ill.
Never relieved from the Chronic pain, apparently it's Manageable?
Never given that final antidote, we have no hope.

My disease is a monster devouring me whole.

My life is an array of invisibilities,

My depression is invisible,
Reaching into the depths of my own mind I am taunted and beguiled,
We are the weak, we are the pathetic,

We are the unstable.
Never treated as though we have a sickness, apparently we should just think positive?
Never offered a moment of empathy, we have no one.

My depression is my greatest friend, and worst enemy.

My life is an array of invisibilities, 

My consent was invisible,
Reaching for the means to say NO, I am pressured and coerced.
We are the liars, we are the prudes.

We are the rape survivors.
Never taken seriously, apparently we were asking for it?
Never treated like actual human beings, we have no free will.

My consent is like an imaginary friend.

Though it is true, my life is an array of invisibilities,
I am here to tell you,
That I Will be seen, and my voice Will be heard.
I refuse to remain silent.

I refuse, to remain invisible.

The End

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