Invisible Thread

Love hurts

It is in the aftermath that the worst occurs

The devastation in the knowing

That we are nearly parting

The silence after being


The laying there saying nothing

Listening to us breathing

Just waiting,just watching the clock ticking

Willing it to slow

This is the last time I say

I need to make it work

The still after the storm

We rushed at first

Dismissing my rings

Impatient with each other

Needing the feel of us in each other's skin

In each other's bones

Tangled with our limbs

This is the last time I say

I have to make it work

Above the bed words are suspended in air

All things unsaid between us

Just out of reach,too high to grasp

The sweet somethings

That are agony to say as it would be admitting 

That we are something

Something we weren't expecting

So we say nothing

Lay there waiting

But we could be everything

As we are perfection

What we feel is so strong

Earth shattering,heaven like


Shuddering against one another

Trying to catch our breath

As though we are the only ones in this world living

Existing only for this

So we are watching

My wedding rings shining

Waiting for the inevitable

The me leaving you

This is the last time I say

I need to make you see

I unwillingly walking away

The magnetic pull struggling against me

Like a net around my body

Pulling me back to you

My insides in agony

Our invisible thread near snapping

Stretching as far as possible

This is the last time I say

I'm going to make it work

Over my shoulder your staring

With knowledge in your eyes

A slight curl of your lips

As you know it's all lies

Knowing I'll be back

Or we surely won't survive

The End

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