You leave me speechless,

Your beauty, astounding,

A thing of legend,

Since the worlds early founding.


I stare and stare,

Absorbing your radiance,

My eyes I cannot tear,

From your flawless skin,

From your gleaming black hair.


I scan the room,

Nothing of note.

An exception for you,

For my heart you have smote.


Your every step,

A spectacular dance.

I sit there staring,

Deep in your trance.

You do not see me,

Not even a glance.


I am too shy

To take the lead.

So of my infatuation,

You take no heed.


Your attention to grab,

I do not dare.

This is painful,

This is not fair.

How can I love you?

You do not care.


Maybe my feelings,

Will pass with time,

But until that day,

My heart will climb.


I strive to achieve,

To get your attention.

Maybe someday in your eyes,

I’ll deserve a mention.


Your body is perfect,

Of it I dream,

Of holding your hand,

By gargling stream.


The soft touch of your skin,

I imagine is great.

Will I ever hold you?

That’s up to fate.


You do not notice me.

You leave me breathless.


Let me breathe.

See me.

The End

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