You'll never get my feelings for you,
others would think they would hardly do.
For I am taken and you are not,
but still, I think about you quite a lot.

Everyday I tend to see you and think,
"Gorgeous", but I will never have you and  so my heart sinks.
This really is bad, how I seem to feel.
But there's something about you that's just so real.

You're calm, you're collected and just so nice.
But if I took action I'd pay a terrible price.
I really shouldnt be looking at you as I do, 
There's just something though, something about you.

Only one person really will ever know,
Although, how I feel (I think) really does show.
I wonder if you'd ever feel the same,

... but it can't get out, there'd be too much shame.  

You're great, and I admire you. That is really all. 


The End

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